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Mountain home architecture with a personal touch. Yours.

The word "druim" (pronounced "trwim") in Scottish Gaelic means "ridge" or "camber." But it’s okay if you pronounce it “dream,” because that’s exactly what your Tartan Druim home will be. With a dozen floor plans—some with an optional casita, a choice of exterior finishes, and style packages that offer flexibility in interior treatments, you can personalize your single- or two-story home to fulfill your dreams without the time, effort and expense of building a custom home from scratch.

Open spaces, rough-hewn textures, and colorful accents effectively describe the terrain in this special corner of Tetherow. Not surprisingly, those terms also illustrate the interior designs you’ll find at Tartan Druim is the vision of architect John Muir, who also designed the successful communities of PointsWest and Milepost 1 at the Seventh Mountain Resort and Tripleknot in Tetherow.

Examples of John Muir's work

Examples of John Muir's work

Examples of John Muir's work

Ironically, the words "open," "rough-hewn" and "colorful" might also embody the characteristics of the very people who choose to live here. By doing a lot of the legwork ahead of time and allowing buyers to work with a team of specialists who are committed to exceeding expectations in the process of building each home, we’ll make sure your characteristics also include the words "relaxed," "fulfilled" and "delighted."