Patrick and Darcy Davidson had a vision for their dream home for many years.

We purchased land and just held onto it before finding the right architect and builder to help us turn our dreams into reality. Once we decided to take the plunge, we started working with several different local architects. Unfortunately, we didn’t have great experiences.

After spending a considerable amount of time and money, we found that the design renderings weren’t what we wanted our home to
look like. We were having trouble finding someone that would translate our desires into a
design that reflected what we wanted versus what the architect wanted.

Very frustrated with our two different architectural experiences, we met with Arrowood Development to understand how they might be able to help us. The comfort of knowing that they had a very solid team (architect, designer, builder) with many successful developments –Tripleknot, PointsWest and Tartan Druim – was the first sign that this was a builder team that knows something about homebuilding. Then we met with the architect, John Muir.

After an initial discussion, we knew that he was the one we wanted to work with. He is patient, listens to his clients and has an amazing creative yet practical approach to house design. He did a rough sketch for us and well, that was it. It was the first time that someone listened to what we wanted for our house and drew it on paper as we had always envisioned – yet even better!

We hired Arrowood Development to build our house and let’s just say that the entire process,
start to finish, was nothing short of amazing. Yes, building a home can be stressful, but we can honestly say that the entire Arrowood team took that stress off of us because they managed the entire process for us.

John Leitz cares about quality and doing the job well and that was evident in all of our meetings with him through the various phases of the build. It was fun to work with Femke van Velzen as she helped us transform the house finishes into our modern farmhouse style. She has a sharp eye for design. We communicated what we wanted and she found the right finishes every time and our meetings were extremely efficient. Brett Kalamen managed every last detail of our project – always one step ahead and has a phenomenal way of making everything happen despite managing multiple house builds at various phases of development at the same time. Our house was completed on-time and on-budget – how many people can say that?!

We highly recommend Arrowood Development to anyone who is interested in building a home. In fact, if we had the opportunity to build with them again, we would do it in a heartbeat. Enough said.