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accompany this epic new community.


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A contemporary resort community that's more than ready for its close up.

Want to see some coming attractions of life at Tartan Druim? Submitted for your approval is our official Tartan Druim neighborhood video, showcasing many of its exceptional features, as well as those of Tetherow Resort and Bend itself.

Now check out what the critics are saying about Tartan Druim. New residents Eric & Eilish Canady moved to Bend 10 years ago and recently worked with the Arrowood team to create their family dream home overlooking the 5th tee. In the first of three videos, they share what initially attracted them to Bend.

In the second video, the Canady couple talks about what they like about Tartan Druim’s unique setting within Tetherow and the advantages of living in Bend’s fastest-growing community.

In this final chapter of the 3-part video series, Eilish & Eric Canady are enjoying the lap of luxury at Tartan Druim. "Working with Arrowood has been fantastic—we were able to get a luxury home in a luxurious neighborhood at a very competitive price."

We’d also like to share a pair of flicks that spotlight the unique experience of playing golf at Tetherow.